My Twinny :')

Hiiiii awak ;D !

Sarah Damia Bt Ahmad Shukri !
Korang kenal gadis bermata COKLAT nie? Dia lah twinny ila..
Adk Mia, i want u to know that i love u more than eveythings and no one can ever replace u in my heart. No matter what happen, u always be my best friend and my twinny now and and forever lah. Sayang and cinta angah hanya untuk kamu sorang. hee~

I want to say thanks for everythings that u do to me. You care to me, you help me when im in trouble. You're support me. You always there for me when im happy, when im sad, when im need someone to hear my probs and alls. I want to say SORRY if im hurt or make you angry. SORRY if angah ada buat salah dekat mia tauuu !

Angah nak mia janji jangan mati sebelum angah. ngekk *gilak XD
Angah perlukan mia sangat sangat :'( Even, angah ada friend lain, adk mia always be number ONE FOREVER ! The best friend and sister in this world is my Adk Mia. You're beautiful, you're cute, you're kind, you're friendly, you're awesome in my life. I will miss u everyday! 

Im not strong without u syg, help me to face all my problem and all thiss :') I hope i will be the best friend for u too. Insyaallah i will :) Nothing to say, i want you to know that i really love youuuuu like a fat boys love to eat chocholate. yummyyy ! teeheee~ 


Over tak? over tak? HAHA ;D

Note; Mia i knoww you tengah baca. hehe XD