I still can't forget you


Yeahh hey hi hello pheeps !
Hmm, serious im just feel a bit jealous with my ex ex boyfriend bila dapat tahu diorang dah happy with their own new girlfiee.
Sumpah shock !
Then, girlfiee diorang pulak more pretty than me ,
Ohh shittay ! lagi la jealous.
Hmm, keep thinking*
am i not enough pretty for them ?
am i not a good girlfiee for them ?
or im just troublemarker for them ?
Hmm, ap nie ila ?!
i should not think about this !
i dont have any relation with them 
Ohh my gay !
Ila, focus on your life right now ,
no need to think about them ,
the more important is, your happy with your single life .
Tak payah runsing about exboyfiee, just hope yg diorang happy forever okayy (:
Fuhhhhhh !
ehh, wait wait..
why am i kepp thinking about this ?
*mybe because i still love them ?
NO IM NOT la shittay
Okayy, if i dont love them, i should not think about this !
Okayy, i will focus on my STUDY !
Yeahh, GO ila XD

Ceitt, what kind of entry yg i post nie ? Hmm, WHATEVER !!

END :')