Herrr, i think im in love with someone :( i hate that feeling. I hate it when he comment that girl status, photo and anything that she do is too perfact for him. Hurmmm :( Maybe i shouldn't have that feeling :) That boy isn't mine. He has his own life, sociality. You know what? In a day, i will look up his profile. It's countless :p maybe 15 times a day. Just look up his profile. Who connect with or anything. Maybe, I just can't accept the fact that he has his own friend. What to do. Life must go on. Maybe, it's time for me to forget him. Even it's hard and i just know true meaning about love. cehh x) but, i have to focus on my study. Fyi, that boy isn't good enough for me :) i think that boy is not my cup of tea :D What a glad! Well, i do know that he will never accept me as his GIRLFRIEND. I'm not his cup of tea as well. Hurmm, i don't wanna to make my past mistake again. I think i'll just keep my feeling in my heart so that, im easily forget him :) Act, it's hard for me to forget him this early. But, i want to be an intelligence student. No love until get my achievement :D Yeay! that boy just for my sociality. To make me happy when im stress. Not, for my future :DD

Fyi, im feel relief after typing this. Btw, sorry, if you not understand my word or i make some grammer mistake and i just typing this randomly. Teehee :)