Lemme tell you


Dear diary and readers ,
Kay tody i gonna talk about my mid year exam. yeah, my school started mid year exam at may. so fast aytee? yeah, i don't know why but im really hate test, exam and so whatever. even the exam a little bit easy but i don't like it -.- so, this is my story for friday 6 may until friday 13 may :

Paper Bahasa Melayu
- For me , it was a little bit difficult . and i hope i've got A or B (:

Paper Bahasa Inglish
- Emm, i do much careless. So, i think i've got C in this paper :(

Paper Pendidikan Agama Islam
- Bhaha, i love this subject but the topic was so difficult mann ! Grr~

Paper Sejarah
- Wehuuu ! At the first time, i just felt that im like sejarah ! HAHA, i hope the result gonna be OKAYY !

Paper Science
- Ermm, hmm, a little bit difficult and a little bit easy, muahahaha

Paper Sivik dan Kewarganegaraan
- Easy but a little bit difficult. So, i've got 49 over 60. Teacher said 48 and above get A. Yeahh! i loike :)

Paper Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan
- HAHA, this is the best paper for me. Because the question was a little bit easy :)

Paper Kemahiran Hidup Bersepadu
- I think i've got 30 or 40 marks over 100 ! HAHAHA, SO DIFFICULT YUHHHHH !

Paper Geografi
- So kuwlll bebehhh! i think i've got batter then my test 1 result. hee~ :p

Paper Mathematic
- WTF ! the exam was soooooooo FUUUUUUU. GRR!

Kay, thats all for today. Btw, i don't wanna stress because this is only mid year exam. Not PMR :p So, we can enjoy bebehh ! LOL ! I don't know why, i don't feel like im PMR CANDIDATES. Mybe, i wanna feel so young and no statisfied to enjoy, hmm, toodlesss ! Love youu, XOXO
P/S ; Today im writing in english for improving my english :)